About Us

What We Do
We implement inbound marketing campaigns that strategically drive visitors to your website and systematically guide them along the buyer’s journey and convert them into sales. Our clients’ success is built on well-defined processes that incorporate content, social media and marketing automation to engage and nurture buyers through the sales funnel.
Our Areas of Expertise and Capability
Growth Driven Design - Websites 100%
Inbound Marketing - Hubspot 100%
Inbound Sales - Hubspot 100%
Infusionsoft Marketing Automation - Infusionsoft Certified Partners 100%
Social Media Marketing - Certified Customer Acquisition Specialists 100%
Certified Content Marketing Specialists 100%
Certified Customer Value Optimisation Specialists 100%
Why Choose Us?
We're Business People, Techies and Marketers, all rolled into one
Getudigital is an Australian company that recognised that it’s easy to find business people that understand results, or technical people that understand programming, or marketers that know how to promote and sell products or services … but near on impossible to find all of these capabilities in the one business. Getudigital is that business. As you’ll see in our culture and values to the right of this column, everything we do is to create business results and value, and we have the technical and marketing skills to deliver.
Our Values and Company Culture
More than just corporate buzzwords

Culture is at the heart of everything we do at Getudigital—how we live, how we work and how we serve the small business community. If we live our values, we will achieve our purpose: to help small businesses succeed.

Here, in ten core values, is Getudigital culture in action:

  1. Everything we do creates value
  2. We teach business owners how to fish
  3. If we look after our customers, we look after ourselves
  4. We do what we say we’ll do
  5. We talk straight
  6. We face challenges proactively
  7. We leave our egos at the door
  8. We innovate and constantly improve
  9. We do the right thing
  10. We believe in people and their dreams

A Sample of Our Clients